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Chocolate as Medicine

Chocolate has been a treasured source of food and pleasure since before 1900 BC. Cocoa seeds were fermented, roasted, and ground to make a delicious beverage that Aztecs believed was the gift from Quetalcoatl, the God of wisdom.  The seeds were so valuable that they served as a form of currency. It was also used as a powerful aphrodisiac, and to give strength and vigor.

Dark chocolate is a regular part of my diet, and being a wild child and forager, I like to infuse my chocolate with forest medicine--turkey tail mushrooms, elder flowers, rose hips, lavender, and other locally available plants and seeds. Want to learn how to make your own medicinal chocolate? Join me! Participants will learn the medicinal properties of the plants we use, different techniques for making chocolate, and will enjoy samples of the chocolates we make. You'll even get to take home a small batch for yourself.  The cost of this workshop is $25. To register, please sign up here.