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Benjamin Pixie Traveling Medicine Show

So much of what is sweet, most nurturing on our planet, and in our lives is brought to us via the work of the most industrious of pollinators - Apis Melifera. She who builds cities of plant sex inside the holy places of trees and coats them with the most potent of medicines - Propolis. She who spends her brief life in service to fertilities & fecundities which she will never live to see! Come, let our mouths, hearts, and lives be fed and inspired by the sweet work and stories of these grand yet small creatures whose every harvest is an act of reciprocity in service to the diversity and vitality of life. This is a potluck, so please bring a dish to share.  (Cost $25)

About the Teacher: Benjamin Pixie has been a student of herbalism and a mead maker for over 20 years. Tending to his hives for the last decade, Benjamin has taken a treatment free approach to beekeeping. He caretakes over 50 queens and their colonies in Western Cascadia without sugar-feed or antibiotics. Benjamin has been conjurer the spirits of honey for over 5 years and chooses poetry, alchemy, potions, and herbal medicines to help connect humanity with the divine beauty and power of the natural world. He currently resides in Washington state, where he keeps his practice and hives.