Edible and Medicinal Plant ID Walk

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Would you like to learn more about some of the edible and medicinal plant allies that grow in and around our beautiful city?  If so, then please join me on the westside for a walk.  We'll discover the bounty of food, healing herbs and medicinal mushrooms that nature provides, ending our walk with a homemade snack made from wild foraged ingredients.  More details and the location will be sent after registration. ~Cost $25

Happy Hour Cordial Making Workshop

Date: TBA

Medicinal cordials are a great way to remind ourselves that alcohol can be medicine ~ something to take consciously and ceremonially!  They are also a wonderful way to preserve some of your harvest.  Of course, being a forager, I like to make mine wild-style!  In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to identify and use several locally available medicinal plants to make cordials and herbal tea blends (you don't have to drink to learn from this workshop).  We'll sample some of Erica's blends, and participants are encouraged to bring organic vodka and jars so they can take home their own cordials; herbs will be provided. ~Cost: $25

Medicinal Chocolate Workshop

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Chocolate has been a treasured source of food and pleasure since at least 1900BC. Cocoa seeds were fermented, roasted, and ground to make a delicious beverage that Aztecs believed was a gift from the God of Wisdom. It was used as an aphrodisiac and to give strength and vigor.  Being a wild child, I like to adulterate my chocolate with turkey tail mushrooms, elder flowers, lavender, and all sorts of urban and wild-foraged ingredients.  In this workshop, we will learn two techniques for making chocolate, and you'll get to sample and take home a small batch that we make together. ~Cost $25

Herbal Beer-Brewing Workshop

Date: TBA

Thousands of years before the 1928 discovery of penicillin, our ancestors were making medicinal beer to treat everything from gum disease to infected wounds. Bubbly brews are a great way to preserve your wild and medicinal plants, and brewing your own means you can control the intensity of the intoxicating effects.  In this workshop, you will learn how to make medicinal beer from wild-foraged plants, the specific uses of those plants, and you'll have an opportunity to sample some of Erica's recent concoctions.  More details and the location will be sent after registration. ~Cost $25

Coffee and Herbal Infusions Workshop

Date: TBA



Coffee gets a bad rap, but research suggests that it might not be all bad; in fact, coffee is actually kind of good for us.  In this workshop, we'll discuss a variety of locally available medicinal herbs that can be infused into your morning brew to help take the edge off and increase mental clarity. Don't drink coffee? We'll also make a lovely wild-foraged medicinal tea blend that you can take home. More details and the location will be sent after registration. ~Cost $25


Private Classes



Erica offers private events and classes for any size group.  Want to host a cocktail party with wild-foraged appetizers and medicinal cordials, or take your kid's friends for a walk in the woods? Contact me for pricing and options!

Walks and Workshops (2 hours min):

1-3 People ($100/hour); 4-6 ($30/hour per person); 7-12 ($25/hour per person); contact me for additional pricing information.